The Government of Ivory Coast has awarded SOPHIA, an Ivorian Company the project to build the AKWABA City which will be the extension of the capital of Ivory Coast.

AKWABA City will be built on approx 14,000 Hectares and is expected to accommodate 3 millions habitants.

AKWABA CITY will have a Economic zone of 6000 Hectares and 7000 Hectares of residential area.

Below you will find different videos about the project:

Akwaba Smart City presentation: Click Here
Lot servicing/land development and infrastructure of Akwaba City for 10 Hectares: Click Here
Government Presentation of Akwaba City: Click Here

At this stage of the project, we are looking for both technical and financial partners as well as EPC Contractors to do the land development and the infrastructure.

For more information about the Company Sophia, you are welcome to visit the website: Click Here
For more information about the Akwaba City, click on this link: Click Here

AKWABA City is going to be one of the biggest and largest smartcity project in west Africa if not sub-saharan.

AKWABA CITY PROJECT is divided in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Land development and Infrastructure

  • Road
  • Water Supply
  • Electricity Supply
  • Drainage and sewage system

Phase 2: Construction

  • Government buildings: Police stations, Military barracks, Ministries buildings, public Schools, Public Hospitals….
  • Private projects: Banques, Commercial centers, markets, gas station, hotels, housings, wholesale markets for agriculture products such as cashew, cola …

Though phase 1 is often financed by the government in this case, the concession to execute the work has been given to SOPHIA in exchange of ownership over the 14,000 Hectares.

SOPHIA with its own finance (of about 100 Millions euros) has already started to do the land development and the infrastructure of 2000 Hectares out of the 14,000 Hectares.